Hello, I’m Stacie Green. 

Welcome to my site! Thank you for your interest in me and my work. Creating art has always been a compulsion for me, something I do on a regular basis to maintain a certain level of joy and sanity. I am constantly striving to achieve balance in my life and that energy runs through everything I do and create.

My work is based around the idea of art channeling energy and marrying the ancient with the modern. I have a strong interest in ancient textiles and architecture and the way such loving attention to detail were given to personal adornment and physical surroundings. This would elevate them into something more beautiful and important.  Much of my personal and artistic philosophy comes from this idea of taking the everyday and elevating it into something extraordinary.

I work out of my home studio in Philadelphia where I live with my patient and supportive husband and our wild and imaginative five-year-old daughter.